Board & Committees

Board Members

Helen McCormack,

Scott Gray, Vice President

Ray Bisczat, Secretary

Dennis Crawford, Treasurer

Robert Fetter

Mary Lou Crosbie

Doug Hall

Board Meetings


The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of every month


Meeting Notices:


All Board Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend one, please contact our Association Manager Emily Kintner at UPA 757-345-8907 or


Meeting Minutes:


Board Minutes can be obtained by contacting our property manager at United Property Associates in Williamsburg, Virginia.


The Landfall Homeowners Association & The Board


The official duties of the association, which is led by an elected Board of Directors, include the following:


  • maintain the common property of the association
  • establish and collect annual dues and assessments
  • maintain the Architectural Review Board, whose purpose is to evaluate all exterior property modifications
  • enforce the general property covenants and by-laws
  • keep complete records of all official actions and affairs
  • provide insurance coverage on common property and for directors
  • manage any employee of the association (primarily our association manager, United Property Associates)
  • establish penalties and suspend voting rights for those residents in violation of the published rules and regulations or delinquent in paying their dues or assessments
  • foreclose the lien against any property for which dues, assessments, or fines are not paid


It is the objective of each board member to assure Landfall remains one of the most highly sought after places to live.




Social Committee:


Dennis Crawford, Chair



Architectural Review:


Chip Sizemore, Chair

LD Metcalfe

Robert VanDivender
Robert Fetter

Architectural Review Process explained here.



Rules Committee:


Ad/Hoc as required

Looking for our rules. Click here.



Landscape Committee:


Pat Markowitz,  Chair

Carol Fryer

Dave Kolodzinski
Kate Wilhide

Welcome Committee:

Shelia Crawford,