Property Management

Landfall's property managment provider, United Property Associates, has a professional manager assigned to handle the community's business. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Emily Kintner 757-345-3830 and she will work to address them as quickly as possible. 


Manager Functions:
  • Collect quarterly dues


  • Mail letters to homeowners in violation of our covenants or delinquent in paying their dues, and assist them in clearing up their transgressions or delinquencies


  • When a property is sold, inspect the property for violations


  • Work with our attorney for delinquent dues collections or other legal actions regarding covenant enforcement


  • Conduct a weekly survey of the neighborhood for any covenant violations and prepare a monthly report reflecting this review


  • Provide each new resident with a package which includes a current copy of the community covenants; the fee for this should be paid by the seller, and your real estate agent is obligated to notify the Association manager of the transaction


  • Negotiate with and supervise the contractors who provide services to the Association (including landscaping & maintenance)


  • Receive, log and correspond with home owners regarding complaints of covenant violations


  • Receive and process for the Architectural Review Board (ARB) any home owner requests for changes to homes or to home landscapes that require ARB approval


  • Maintain association records and financial statements


  • Propose an annual budget each year


  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Board of Directors


  • Maintain required corporate and Real Estate Board registration


  • Review financial records monthly


  • Apprise the Board of new and changing legislation which affects community association