Architectural Review Committee


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for reviewing and approving house construction plans and initial landscape plans..  At a minimum, the following must be reviewed and approved prior to work beginning:

  • Site work in preparation for any alteration, enlargement, demolition, or improvement that alters the appearance of the property, excluding minor landscape changes.


  • Alterations or changes that change the exterior appearance to an existing home.


  • Construction or installation of any outbuildings or fences.


  • Alterations to an existing outbuilding or fence.


  • Construction or installation of any pool or circulating fountain.


  • Construction or installation of decks, porches, fences, retaining walls or garden walls.


  • Construction or installations of children's play and swing sets.


  • Extension or alteration to driveways or walks.


  • Change of exterior paint or stain colors for houses, outbuildings or fences. Please submit a large paint sample with your application (paint chips not acceptable). The committee may require a sample be painted on an inconspicuous area of your house prior to full application.


  • Installation of exterior lighting that may impact neighbors.


  • Installation of satellite-dishes.


  • Modifications of mailboxes or related supports.


Residents are legally obligated to review any of the above items with the Architectural Review Committee prior to starting a project. Committee members meet on the third Tuesday of each month. If you are planning any additions or alterations or will be building a new home in the community, please complete the architectural review application and provide any other documents that will illustrate your plans. Once you complete the form and supporting documents, send them to the Association Manager. Please allow 2 weeks for review of your request. When in doubt, contact our Association Manager Matt Hallman 757-345-3558 for guidance in the proper process.

Planning to build a home in Landfall?


Our by-laws require a comprehensive review of your plans before construction begins. Please contact our 

Association Manager Matt Hallman at 757-345-3558 prior to starting construction.




Specifications for proper mailbox design, materials and colors can be found here.